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How does ordering our meals work


Choose your meals from the wide range of cuisines we offer


Our chefs prepare the meals with ingredients that are best known as superfood


We home deliver your meals in a box with nutrition count the following day


You can heat the box when ever you're ready to have them and tell us how you like it

Our meals are crafted using
fresh superfoods.
Either plant based or
certain dairy & fish items,
like Kale, Acai, Blueberries
and Salmon.


Listen to what they have to say

  • I enjoyed my dinner after a really long time with FMN meal
    Vijayanti (Hyderabad)
  • Protien with the magic of taste, in love with FMN cookies
    Alekhya (Hyderabad)
  • The best thing that has happened to me in terms of providing nutritious meals, Thank you FMN
    Zoheb (Software Engineer from Hyderabad)
  • The peanut butter cookies and Carrot cake was amazing, it was guilt free indulgence.
    Jairam KA (Basketball Player for VTU, Bangalore)
  • Tried Braised chicken and chicken stew, great food!
    Avesh (Pilot for Indigo)
  • FMN's dishes taste amazing! I have recommended them to all my friends.
  • FMN's performance meals have the perfect recipe for fitness.
    Wanitha Ashok
  • Really awesome food! The Barley Boiled Chicken was amazing!
    Masood Khyoom
  • Five-Star Quality Food. Great meal options for people who regularly work out.
  • The flavors are amazing! Who knew healthy food could be delicious!
    Jetsy Mathew