Our Story

Many people out there who wants to stay fit & healthy just follow the basics, which is to eat green and workout. But we figured that each body is unique and our DNA holds the secret to it. So we dug deep and found that genetic testing is the answer to all our questions when it comes to our transformation, it is the only way to get to an informed decision

Now we knew only finding the answers would not be enough and we decided to help you reach your goal. This is when we planned to cook healthy meals, which can effectively help you reach your goal.

Not just eating healthy, we also aim to bust the myth that goes, 'Healthy meals are boring and bland.' So we decided to offer super food powered performance meals crafted around specific fitness goals, along with super nutritious cold pressed juices and sugar-free desserts to add on to our meals.


Why Us ?

Why not? We aim to Revolutionize health by relying on cutting-edge science to figure a solution and offer a targeted health. We don't believe in guesswork and you shouldn't too.


Akash Maurya

Founder / Director
FMN is an opportunity to change the way an individual has been thinking about healthy lifestyle and to break the notions which most of us have grown up with.

Nobin John

Founder / Director
FMN is a call from every persons heart which we as a team would like to address with honest, fun filled and taste oriented offerings.


Sonali Swami

Brand Athlete

A "mother of two" is a brand athlete & fitness instructor who has won both FitFactor & MuscleMania, is also a trained kathak dancer and a shining example to all the women across the globe that it's never too late to think about fitness and start taking care of your body. Her philosophy to fitness is 'Use it or lose it,' so you better start using to not lose it.

Yuvaprakash Angamuthu

Brand Athlete

Being an athlete from childhood made fitness as his passion, which motivated him to win Mr Karnataka and MuscleMania Chennai, India & Asia multiple times. He instructs people on how to reach their fitness goals by providing them customized workout plans.


Listen to what they have to say

  • I enjoyed my dinner after a really long time with FMN meal
    Vijayanti (Hyderabad)
  • Protien with the magic of taste, in love with FMN cookies
    Alekhya (Hyderabad)
  • The best thing that has happened to me in terms of providing nutritious meals, Thank you FMN
    Zoheb (Software Engineer from Hyderabad)
  • The peanut butter cookies and Carrot cake was amazing, it was guilt free indulgence.
    Jairam KA (Basketball Player for VTU, Bangalore)
  • Tried Braised chicken and chicken stew, great food!
    Avesh (Pilot for Indigo)
  • FMN's dishes taste amazing! I have recommended them to all my friends.
  • FMN's performance meals have the perfect recipe for fitness.
    Wanitha Ashok
  • Really awesome food! The Barley Boiled Chicken was amazing!
    Masood Khyoom
  • Five-Star Quality Food. Great meal options for people who regularly work out.
  • The flavors are amazing! Who knew healthy food could be delicious!
    Jetsy Mathew